Kyli Hightower

Counties Served: Newton, McDonald and Barry

Hometown: Granby, MO


Kyli Hightower is a fourth generation Granby native, and currently resides there with her husband and three children. She loves having family nearby, and raising her children in a community that provides purpose and stability. Kyli’s deep roots within her community and previous teaching career have translated into a passion for working with people.


When Kyli isn’t working in real estate, she loves visiting the library to check out the latest murder mystery novel or having game nights with family and friends. She also enjoys doing crafts and playdates at the park with her children, and loves exploring the outdoors.


Kyli is energized by change, and loves the variety and freedom her real estate career provides on a daily basis. Her caring attitude and ability to face obstacles head-on are what makes Kyli a great real estate agent.


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