World History in Local Home

So often in the real estate world, we come across homes that are special because of location, or the family who lives there. We have seen open floor plans, grey tones against white trim, and floor-to-ceiling shower tiles. As trends change, homeowners adapt their living spaces accordingly. But every once in a while, we find homes that are drenched in history; full of personality and purpose. And when a home like that is found, it is truly a treasure. And here is the kicker: that home is available, and can be the backdrop for your own future memories.

That is the case with this home on Crestwood Terrace. This immaculate home sits in the center of the lovely and historic Roanoke subdivision, but don’t let that fool you about its ambiance. A semi-private road leads you to a cul-de-sac that, instead of being surrounded by homes, is surrounded by a thick wall of tall, mature trees. Rather than feeling busy or crowded, you have a real sense of privacy and seclusion, with ample birds and wildlife to observe and feed your soul. 

The home’s exterior is classic and grand. Weathered brick is accented by white shutters and protected by intricately-placed shrubbery. There is a spacious yard, ample parking, and a wealth of stunning foliage surrounding the property. As if the view from the front door wasn’t stunning enough, a short walk to the backyard reveals the perfect space for any occasion. Imagine the fall, when all of the trees have turned to rich shades of gold, deep reds, and lovely yellows. Or in the summer, when the grass is green and the pristine pool is sparkling in the heat of the long days. Horizontal privacy fencing encloses a large area that checks every box a person could have. The concrete surround that encloses the in-ground pool is wide enough to host plenty of guests, but there is still plentiful grassy space; almost two acres worth!

And while the outside of the home is spectacular, the magnificence is found in the story told by each room inside. As you step inside, you are instantly aware of how this house has been so greatly cared for in even the tiniest ways. The late Fenton Huff, long-time interior decorator, selected the pristine wallpaper in the front entryway, the formal dining room, and the formal living area. This unique and vibrant paper has added immeasurable character and depth to the home, and has withstood the test of time. These papers are luxurious, flawless, and are the heart of every old soul’s distinct taste.

Walking into the foyer, you are met with a very calming but intricate design that is almost reminiscent of the Orient. Fenton Huff chose the wall paper before the Berney’s moved in, and they felt that the house was destined to be their own, considering their extensive involvement with and love for Asian culture. The paper in the master bedroom is a simple but lovely vintage floral pattern; a style that has recently become very popular in home interior decorating. Each room tells a specific story and elicits a different feeling. 

Sprinkled throughout the home, you will find one-of-a-kind pieces that have been accumulated through decades of world travel. Several pieces of art, including one replica Van Gogh painting, are proud displays of the handiwork of the owners’ very talented daughter. Other pieces boast their heritages from Indonesia, Russia, Argentina, Japan, Iran, Sweden, Bulgaria, China, and Turkey, just to name a few. Each artifact has a special meaning, a wonderful story, and have served as the components that have built this home and created its legacy. 

One of the most astounding aspects of this house is how beautifully and gracefully it has aged while keeping the ‘homey’ feel that we all desire. The warm floor tones throughout complement everything from the light kitchen cabinets to each intricate wallpaper design. This house offers both a formal dining room as well as a tidy breakfast nook, illuminated by a large double window. An ideal area that is perfect for observing nature while drinking your morning cup of coffee.

Adjacent to the formal dining area is the formal living area, but don’t let the ‘formal’ part intimidate you. A double-sided fireplace separates this room from the den. The living room is accented with plush carpet and immaculate grass cloth wallpaper, and feels very cozy and intimate. On the other side of the fireplace, the den has a more studious atmosphere. It is primarily windows and bookshelves, wood accents and warm character. And if you cannot find what you’re looking for in either of those rooms, a wet bar can be found in the more informal hearth room that is tucked neatly behind the dining room.

On the raised level is where you find the master suite, two additional large bedrooms, and a full bathroom. The master bedroom is spacious and open, with French doors leading to a private terrace off of the swimming pool in the backyard. The master bathroom is tranquil and serene, and offers both a walk-in shower and a separate jetted bathtub. Also on this level is a great office space/study, with enough room for several bookshelves, a large desk, and other furniture if desired. On the second floor is another oversized bathroom and two bedrooms. The first room is being used as a home gym, and the second is an additional guest room. Both of these rooms feature gorgeous skylights that allow the rooms to be illuminated by natural, warm light.

As if the semi-circle drive was not enough, this house also has a two-car garage that leads into the basement. The garage has additional storage and connects into a great mudroom. Behind the mudroom is an additional space with a functional sink. This is a space that can be utilized in infinite different ways. Imagine here a “catch-all” spot for your kids’ backpacks, shoes, coats, and the dog’s leash. Or an open space that can be used for crafting, painting, sewing, or creating any project that you have been putting off because you didn’t have the space. Maybe even a man cave, where all of the tools, toys, and equipment can be hidden away but still very easily accessible.

This sturdy home is all-brick and has a poured concrete basement. It was very well-built, and you don’t have to worry about echoing inside or noise from outside. You can nestle into your fortress and enjoy the solitude of this custom and historical home.